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Best Online Poker Site For US Players

Best Online Poker Site For US Players and Illinois?

Few months ago, while playing live event, I met a poker player that shared some of his online experience with our table. He claimed to be winning a lot of money at, as he put it, the best online poker site for US players. Online, I asked? …poker site that accepts US players? …from all US states? Yes, he replied. That was news to me. I wanted to know more. I asked him if he could back it all up? He promised to make a video for me ...and he did! Its the one above. He was telling the truth! ...he even allowed me to post it online, on my website! I will not play online myself, and I do not advise you do, but this video add a lot of vale to never ending discussion about online being legitimate or rigged on the contrary. This could be a winner for the argument.


As he explained to me, it is illegal to operate an online poker site in the US (except New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut), but it is not necessary illegal to play online poker, from federal point of view. Generally people (including me) chose to assume playing online poker is illegal in Illinois, and any other US state, except states mentioned above. This approach is safe, but as he learned recently, not correct. I am not an attorney so I can't really agree or disagree with that player, but I decided to pick up on the subject, since he could offer a real, hands on experience. Here are some facts.


States like Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey and Nevada already resolved any doubts, officially making online poker sites legal. The fact that these states were able to created necessary legislature and made online poker officially legal means to us that these states do not think online poker should be illegal at the first place. I believe soon all of US will follow this trend and make online poker sites more accessible to all US poker players. is how my state views online poker.

Currently there is a wide range of internet poker sites available in the states mentioned earlier, but what about rest of US? From my perspective, there are only few online poker sites that accept Illinois residents. Such sites usually accept players from all other states as well. I would like to mention here that simple Google search may show multiple sites to choose from, but please be aware; some of them may not be reputable or even licensed.


So far my new poker friend tried 3 online poker sites that widely accept US poker player: Carbon Poker, American Card Room and Bovada. As I learned from my friend, and later confirmed at numerous online poker forums, majority of his claims were true. First off all, mentioned by my friend online poker sites are licensed and all have great reputation. Secondly, they all have proven payout track record. After all, what is the point of playing and (hopefully) winning, if you won’t be able to get our money?Please remember, we are assuming online poker wagers are legal in your state.


Above mentioned card rooms treat all US poker players equally, opening their doors to all of us. Carbon Poker, American Card Room and Bovada are similar in general, but in many aspects they are different …and they are definitely not equal. I found one of them to be, by far, the best place to play online poker for US players, especially amateurs and recreational players.


Was the above video recorded on Carbon Poker, American Card Room or Bovada? What do you think? Do you already know?

The video was recorded for me, by my new friend, at my new favorite poker site (that I currently use only for play money games) and currently the best online poker site accepting all US players... here to reveal the name.

It’s the only known to my friend poker website that pays out in less than 2 weeks (usually within 5-7 business days), which is almost unheard of in online poker world. On the top of that, he says, their bonuses are unmatched and easy to clear. According to my latest research, it all checks out. Please play responsibly, and always check your local law to make sure online gambling is allowed in your state. I am not an attorney and none of the information contained on this website should be considered a s a legal advice.

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