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Bovada's Poker Room and Sports Betting

By Popular Opinion The Best Online Poker Site Accepting US Players

This particular online poker website is dedicated excursively to US online poker players and it’s currently regarded as, by far, the best online poker site that accepts players from all US States. When comes to poker Bovada offers play money and real money tables. As for Illinois residents we recommend playing recreational poker, at play money tables. For those living in states with legalized online poker Bovada offers eeasy deposit and cash out options with all types of games you could wish for: poker, sports or even casino. Bovada has stellar reputation in gambling community and it has been #1 destination for all US poker players for the last couple of years. Why?


Their bonuses are unmatched and easy to claim. Unlike other poker sites that make it almost impossible for us to claim our deposit bonuses; Bovada makes sure it is fairly easy for us to do so. For example you get your first bonus released after you accumulate only 50 Poker Points. To give you a fair perspective, American Card Room will release $1 of your bonus after you accumulate 27 points, so 54 points at ACR will get you $2, while at Bovada, 50 points will get you $10.

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Bovada is an amateur poker player friendly online poker site. Why? They offer both, play money tables and anonymity. Let’s talk about Bovada’s famous anonymity. At all other poker rooms you will get to choose a screen name. Every time you will play, your opponents will get to know your habits and they WILL make a note of it. Your habits will follow you everywhere. It is a fact that losing is not fun, especially if odds are stacked against you, and usually they are, if you play against pros.


As an amateur player you play for fun and probably gamble more often than you should :). Some players play for fun, some play for a living. If someone plays for a living, it’s their job to analyze their opponents and play their hands perfectly. Very often they use our habits to their advantage.


It is ok to lose money to someone once or twice every now and then, but very often poker websites allow their players to track someone's play with notes. Professional players use that option by far more often than amateurs do. That means that after a while every pro knows you like to bluff, or check your strong hand. If that's the case, your money will provide you with less and less fun over time.


With Bovada, you get no nick name and no screen name. Every time you sit down at a poker table you can start fresh, without others knowing your gambling nature or other habits that you may have. If you get to play against same pros again, they will need to earn their money the right way.


Only Bovada allows you to sit down at the poker table each time without any disadvantages.


Anonymity is definitely recreational poker player friendly. Every time you sit down at the table, no one has a “read” on you. If someone catches up with your style of play, all you need to do is get up, and change the table.

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Bovada's Poker Room


Bovada’s poker rooms are always active with lots of players and action. Weekends are super busy and crowded. Staring with super low stakes at $0.05 all the way up to $20 for cash games Bovada has a lot to offer for players with all sorts of experience and expectations and it is very amateur player friendly. In my opinion Bovada is easily the best and busiest poker house that accepts players from USA.


This poker online house offers all types of tournaments as well, with many regular and special events. You can play with buy-ins as low as $1 all the way up to $470 for special events. For example, in 2014 Bovada offered 6 day paradise vacation package with live Punta Cana Poker Classic poker tournament valued at $5500 with buy-in of only $270. There were over 20 packages awarded.


Their Black Diamond Poker Open with $ 4 mil Guaranteed made a lot of waves in online poker world and solidified Bovada"s top spot among other online poker sites. Currently Bovada offers staggering amount of guaranteed money to its poker players with $5 mill Guaranteed Golden Spade Poker Open.

Personally, I care only about poker, but Bovada does offer a wide variety of other games and gambling options.


Bovada Casino


Where legal, Bovada's online casino provides internet gamblers with assortment of games, betting options, and many very attractive playing options. Their state of the art website provides residents of US (including Illinois) with the best internet casinos that offer all newest and most popular games.


Bovada’s site offers safe, legal and legitimate online casinos that are always accepting Illinois residents.



Bovada's Sports Betting


Where legal, sports betting can be not only entertaining, but also profitable. Many people use online sport betting as a way of making extra money. Some skilled sport bettors can make a living off of it when stakes are high enough. Bovada offer dependable, trusted online sports-books for residents of US (including Illinois) who wish to place bets on their favorite games or teams.


Their comprehensive list of online sportsbooks is all legal, safe, and accepts residents of Illinois. Bovada’s website also offer updated sports news and information as well as welcome bonuses and other promotions to bettors in Illinois.

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